Our Downtown Pocket Park…Did You Know?

Did you know that the Community Development Department, in collaboration with the Fishers Art Council and Fishers Cultural Tourism Group, has put together a Fishers Community Art Master Plan? This long-term plan is devoted to a vision for community art in Fishers. It recognizes public art as an integral component of our community and supports local entrepreneurs and public art projects.

With this, the hope is to generate civic pride, and present us as a vibrant, innovative community with art as a mainstay.


So, that being said, how often do you drive down the 116th Street corridor downtown Fishers? If you’re like most of us, it’s several times a week.

You have probably noticed the pocket park that was established last summer along 116th Street (just down from Handel’s). This is just one of the several urban parks. It features a ping pong table, and over the summer featured chalkboards with the theme of “One Day I Will” where local families and residents wrote in their answers.

In November, a new mural was installed. Seventeen artists submitted proposals for this project and the winner was a young Fishers artist, Nekoda Witsken.

It’s fun to know the story behind the beautiful mural we pass by  on this major thoroughfare of our town!


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