Time for Fall Home Maintenance!

It’s time to do some Fall cleanup around your home! Get ready for the cooler temps that are around the corner.

leavesHere are some tips to get you started:

Clean gutters and downspouts. Check for proper drainage; remove leaves and debris.
Seal windows. Caulk and seal areas that may need it to prevent leaks and cold air drafts.
Check your roof. Inspect shingles, flashing around pipes, chimneys and such to prevent leaks from ice and snow.
Inspect your wood-burning fireplace. Prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Wrap water pipes. Wrap exterior wall pipes with heating tape to save energy and prevent freezing.
Maintain your furnace. Have a local heating contractor service your furnace; clean or replace your filters regularly.
Store hoses for winter. Remove them from spigots, drain them and remove from outdoors.
Winterize your irrigation system. Drain and properly prepare the system for winter.
Put away outdoor furniture. Store furniture items; tidy up outdoor living spaces.
Tune up the snow blower. Be prepared early; have the snow blower serviced if needed.
Check the batteries. Review your fire and carbon monoxide detectors to be sure the batteries are fresh and the alarms are in working order.

These home maintenance tips will help your home be winter-ready. Always consider hiring a pro for projects that you feel are out of your scope of expertise. We have many local companies who specialize in chimney sweep, roof repair, plumbing and repairs.


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