Decorating Your Home for the Holidays.

This is the time of year when your home can be filled with lots of extra decor. Here are some ideas, tips and thoughts on getting your home ready for the holidays.

joy+sign+on+porchStart it at the curb. Curb appeal takes on a whole new meaning during the holidays. In addition to the sparkling lights that often deck the halls, consider using fresh wreaths to dress up windows, front doors and gates. Spruce up outdoor furniture with holiday-themed accent pillows or holiday colors.

Reuse the old. Give a new spin to old decorations. Place antique or unused ornaments on a cake stand or inside a glass jar and decorate a table. Frame old Christmas cards and use them as decorations throughout your home.

Make it smell like Christmas. Simmer a pot of water and a little oil (like jojoba) with dry whole spices like cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg berries, cloves, rosemary and pine needles. Curl up with a cozy blanket and enjoy the aroma.

Bring the greenery inside. Use fresh greenery, holly and evergreen clippings around doorways or on tables, mantles or windows to give a woodsy feel and enjoy the fragrance.

Spruce up your mantle. In addition to hanging the stockings with care on the mantle, add greenery, white twinkle lights or votive candles to give your mantle a holiday glow.

Jingle bells fun. Add jingle bells to door knobs throughout your home to make a festive entrance as you enter your home.

Decorate the stairway. Add sparkle and color to your stairway by using garland, ribbon, live evergreen clippings and white twinkle lights.

Make a space for the cards. Use a card holder, wreath, old door or antique window to display your holiday card collection.

Enjoy the holiday season in your home!


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