Caring for Your Christmas Tree

If you’re decking the halls for the holiday season and have selected “the” perfect evergreen to decorate and enjoy within your home, here are a few tips on maintaining its beauty.

imagesBefore you bring your tree home.

If you haven’t yet taken one home, you might want to know that you should wrap the tree in a covering to avoid the wind drying it out as you take it home.

In addition, have the stem re-cut (about a 1/4 inch off the bottom) to help remove clogs in the stem and open it up to better keep the tree hydrated.

Once you have your tree in its stand.
Be sure to keep your tree hydrated…filling the base as soon as possible once you have it inside your home. One tip I recently heard was to add a half a can of Sprite to your water to give additional “pep” to your tree. (Maybe it works)
A good rule of thumb: the tree should be provided with one quart of water for every inch in trunk diameter.
Check the water level a couple of times a day. You’ll notice that the tree will absorb more water initially than perhaps at the end of the holiday season.
Try to place your tree away from heat sources and drafty locations. And, also away from direct sunlight. Constant heat or fluctuating temperatures can increase the rate at which your tree will dry out and fade.
I hope these tips help keep your Christmas tree beautiful this season!

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