Survive the Chill.

Our Fishers Fire Department has issued a press release regarding these frigid temps we will be seeing.

Take a look at the helpful tips below:

The City of Fishers is anticipating a bitter arctic drop in temperatures for the next few days. Chief Orusa reminds residents that exposure to cold temperatures can cause frostbite and hypothermia.


Keep in mind the following:

Dress in layers for insulation
Cover exposed skin especially your head
Minimize time outdoors
Elderly are especially susceptible.  Check on them often.
Avoid alcohol.  It actually reduces the body temperature quickly instead of warming the body.
Replace wet gloves and footwear as soon as possible
Eat and drink warm foods and liquids

Symptoms of Hypothermia
Cool Skin
Slower, irregular breathing
Slower heartbeat
Weak pulse
Uncontrollable shivering
Rigid muscles
Slurred speech

Symptoms of Frostbite
Pale skin
Sensation of coldness or pain
Tissue becomes increasingly whiter and harder (blackened skin is a late stage symptom)

Seek immediate medical assistance if you suspect either. They can lead to death if left untreated. 

Be safe, friends!


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