Winter Boredom Busters inside Your Home.

Feeling bored without a lawn to manicure or flowers to plant? Here are some easy and quick ways to bust the boredom of winter inside your home!

imagesDo this: walk around your home and make note of the “little” things that you’ve been putting off for a while and get to work. Repairing these small annoyances you notice each day but pass by without repairing will make you feel accomplished.

Remove the scuffs: From vacuum bumps to kids at play, your walls and baseboards take a bit of abuse. Get out the paint for some touch-ups (or even repaint a room!) and freshen up the walls or repaint the trim where you see the need.

Tighten the grip and silence the squeak: Do you have a drawer pull or doorknob that’s loose? Get out the screw driver and tighten it up. Have a garage door or hinge that’s squeaky? Apply some WD-40 or oil to grease the joints a bit. You’ll feel so much better the next time you raise that garage door.

Declutter the closets: We’ve made it through most of the winter. If you have clothing or outerwear items that you haven’t touched all season, it’s time to bag those up and donate them to a local charity or clothing drive. Enjoy the new-found space in your closet!

Brighten the windows: Wash your windows, clean the window treatments and blinds; vacuum any dust from the area.

Get to the grout: Reseal or repair grout in bathtubs and showers, or around your cabinetry.

Purge the pantry and refrigerator: Let’s face it. We’ve been stockpiling supplies for a rough winter. It’s time to use the food you have, and clean out the fridge! Take some warm soap and water to the interior of your refrigerator to make it clean and fresh. Discard old food (yes, those takeout leftovers that have piled up for a few days) and clean the pantry.

These little tasks will give you a little outlet of productivity on these cold wintry days!


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