Add Springtime to Your Home!

Now that Spring is officially here, it’s a perfect time to add color inside your home. Bring the sunshine indoors and celebrate the new season.

c6353cb04eb22557e9ab0288efa0205dHere are some idea starters for bringing splashes of Spring into your home.

Think citrus colors. Add some throw pillows to your sofa in bright, citrus hues (think yellows and oranges), buy a new throw for your sofa with a floral pattern or add a new piece of art to the wall in a brightly colored pattern or design.

Add a floral centerpiece. Bring in a little Spring with a bright green centerpiece in your dining room or kitchen. Shop a local floral store for a colorful centerpiece to give your eating and entertaining spaces some new life.

Paint a wall. If you’re tired of staring at that boring paint on your walls, add a pop of color to an accent wall to brighten up your living space.

Change the curtains. With the temps starting to warm up, opt for a sheer curtain to let the Spring daylight filter into your rooms. Sheer panels come in not only white, but also with fun patterns and designs.

Bring on botanical. From floral framed prints and paintings on your walls, to floral patterned pillows and artwork, mimic Mother Nature with the use of floral designs in your decorating.

Decorate the front door. It’s time to add some color pop to your front door. Place a colorful Spring wreath on your door with use of greens, warm colors and more.

Get inspired. When all else fails, spend some time on Pinterest getting inspired by other pinners’ pins with great ideas for decorating your home for Spring.

Happy Spring everyone!


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