Back to School: Tips for Your Home

With back to school season comes an entirely new schedule of wake-up calls, packing lunches, school sports teams and extracurricular activities…not to mention the paper shuffle of homework.


If you’re feeling a little out of practice with getting your home ready for the school season, here are some tips to help get you started.

Create a family calendar. From after school clubs, before school workouts and sports practices to doctor’s appointments and meetings, you’ll have a jam packed schedule. Take time to create a family calendar…be it a paper calendar, dry erase board or family calendar shared on your phones. Include appointments, field trips, volunteer work, practice schedules and more in one location to keep everyone in sync. This will ease the never-ending “taxi” role that you play until your kiddos are behind the wheel themselves.

Organize the wardrobe. The summer has been filled with swim trunks and tees, but now that school is back in session, it’s time to take a look at the “school clothes” that still fit. Devote some time to dig through dresser drawers and closets to find the clothes that can be passed down to a sibling or relative and make notes on items that you’ll need to replenish. Put the “school clothes” within easy reach. If your child wears a uniform to school, have those hung together in his or her closet to ease the early morning routine.

Plan ahead the night before school. Organize backpacks with school essentials at night so that they are ready in the morning. Charge iPads and pack lunch boxes with items that don’t need refrigerated. Have a game plan for what’s for breakfast; even sit out bowls, plates and silverware so that the morning is easy.

Create a menu plan. Ease the back-to-school dinner rush by planning your week’s meals in advance. Having a meal plan, and the shopping list to go along with it, will keep you from grocery pit stops all week long. Have a packed night of practices and after school activities? Use crock pot meals to ease the varying dinner schedules of your family so the meal is warm and ready with ease.

Have a drop zone. Make a “go to” place for permission slips, teacher notes and important paperwork that needs to be reviewed/signed by a parent. Having a drop zone area will be sure those important school documents don’t get misplaced.

Chore share. It’s only fair that with the busy schedules of school that extra responsibility falls across the family for household chores. Assign responsibilities to everyone so that the house stays maintained. The influx of school paperwork, backpacks, sports equipment, musical instruments and supplies will no doubt add clutter. Having help to keep the house clean and in order will also eliminate the stress of “where’s my uniform?” before school.

Happy back to school!


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