Tip to Buying a Home: A Solid Offer.

One of the key aspects of buying a home is writing a competitive offer. It allows you to get your offer accepted. The first time.

making-an-offer-e1332963186356As your Realtor, I will help you put together an offer that will set you apart from others. It’s not about being the “highest bidder,” but rather the bidder who offers a competitive price and places the fewest restrictions on that offer. Think of it this way, the seller prefers to work with less demanding bidders over those who may offer the highest price but have strings attached with the contract. So, when we write your offer, we will do so with the seller in mind…for what they will be most likely to respond to with a “yes.”

So, how will we do this?

Pull comps. First and foremost, rely upon me, your Realtor, for research. We will determine what price point other similar homes in the area are selling for by pulling comps of homes in the market like the one you want to buy. We will look at their original list price and for what dollar amount they’ve recently sold. Having these comparative numbers gives us a great starting point for the going rate on homes like the one you’re trying to buy. With that knowledge, your offer will be a solid, substantiated bid.

Be an educated buyer. From the get-go, know your mortgage pre-qualification. Having the budget before you write that offer will eliminate the guesswork. Save yourself and the seller the disappointment of a sale that doesn’t close. Use the number you know you can comfortably afford and be sure you don’t raise your offer beyond that comfort zone. This will keep you from having any trouble at the closing table.

Rely upon my expertise. What if you’re not the only bidder? As your Realtor, I will know if there are other offers on the table for the home. When offering a bid with multiple bidders, the sale price of the home will usually be greater than its asking price. Writing a competitive offer is critical in this instance and having my expertise when writing that bid will give you a greater chance of getting that offer accepted.

Appeal to the seller’s emotions. Sure, buying a home is a financial transaction, but it is also an emotional one. The seller is attached to the home, has memories there, has worked to refurbish it and make it what it is today. Likewise, you have an emotional attachment to it…that feeling of “this is the one” when you walk through the front doors. In a competitive market especially, a creative way to add to your offer is to write a personal letter to the seller explaining why you love the home so much, how you see your family living there and give your emotional plea. What you say may just be the push that seller needs to choose your offer.

So, let’s work together to write a competitive and get your home buying process off to the right start. Contact me to talk about your home buying needs.


Do You Know Your Credit Score?

If you’re looking to buy a new home, getting the best interest rate on a home loan comes down to one important number — your credit score.

Know_Your_Credit_Score1Here are some tips to help manage your credit score.


– Develop a credit history
– Make timely payments
– Mix up different types of credit
– Maintain a consistent balance


– Close old, unused credit accounts
– Open accounts for better credit mix
– Sign up for retailers’ incentives
– Shop for a loan too long

Better interest rates mean a better loan. If you moved today, would you qualify for a good interest rate based upon your credit score? Know your score. And be smart with how you use your credit.

If you’re in the market to buy a home or know someone who is, I am here to help. Contact me to get started.

Over $70k in Upgrades! Incredible Geist Home in Cambridge!

Popular Cambridge! This house won’t last long! It’s a beautiful four bedroom, 4.5 bath home! This home has recently had over $70,000 in upgrades! f_21358507 13675 Kingston at Cambrige // $675,000f_21358507_01What a bright and open floor plan with a soaring two-story entry, which opens to the living and dining rooms and features hardwood floors and arched window.f_21358507_07A spacious gourmet kitchen, flooded with natural light, and featuring stainless steel appliances, built-in microwave and center island. f_21358507_06Look at this gorgeous coffered ceiling in the great room. Cozy up by the warmth of the gas log fireplace. Enjoy the spacious office with fantastic built-ins. f_21358507_10The large master suite steps down to comfortable sitting room and features dual walk-in closets!
f_21358507_12Enjoy the incredible, spacious and remodeled master bath featuring heated tile floors…straight out of a magazine!f_21358507_17Host parties and relax in the full basement with bar, or in the backyard around the fire pit, under the pergola and enjoy the beautiful landscaping!
f_21358507_21Contact me to schedule a showing! Don’t delay! This home will sell quickly!

The Apple Store at Conner Prairie. Shop Local!

If you’re looking for one of fall’s top destinations for local, fresh, hand-dipped caramel apples, you must visit Conner Prairie’s Apple Store! During its apple season, the store dips nearly 14,500 caramel apples!

The Apple Store is operated by the Conner Prairie Alliance, a non-profit women’s volunteer organization that raises funds to support Conner Prairie’s mission and programs. Its efforts have raised over $800,000 for Conner Prairie and recently donated $60,000 to help the museum open Discovery Station and Craft corner.

imagesIf you love to #shoplocal, be sure to add The Apple Store to your places to go this fall! In addition to a variety of apples from local orchards, the Apple Store offers chocolate-salted caramel apples, popcorn, cider slushies, jams and jellies, apple cider, apple pies, donut holes and apple fritters from Jack’s Donuts, cookies, soup mixes, salsa and more. They even have treats for your fur babies…with gourmet dog treats!

The Apple Store also offers gift items such as apple butter, locally made candles and soaps, even Halloween decorations.

The hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.  During Headless Horseman nights, the store will stay open until 9:30 p.m. and will close at 5 p.m. on Halloween.

Stop by to pick up some of the season’s apple harvest from our local orchards and support our very own Conner Prairie!

Your Geist Luxury Living Real Estate Pro.

If you’re looking to sell your Geist area home, let’s talk.

I recently had three offers within 48 hours on a Geist listing of mine! Just like that, the home listed and was sold.

I am not only a veteran Keller Williams Realtor, but also your neighbor. I know the people who live in this community, the homes that are on the market and the homes that are about to come available for sale.

I have been a top Keller Williams Agent for several years. My expertise and experience with Geist luxury homes gets your home listed, with marketing and effective selling strategies, and with the least hassle. My business is powered by technology that prepares me to exceed your expectations.

DSC_4716So, contact me to talk about selling your home. I look forward to working with you.

It’s That Time! Home Maintenance Tips for Fall.

Take advantage of no rain in the forecast this week to prep your home for the change in weather on the way! Enjoy the beautiful weather by getting out in the yard for some Fall cleanup around your home.

imagesHere are some tips to get you started:

Seal windows. Caulk and seal areas that may need it to prevent leaks and cold air drafts.
Divide or transplant perennials. Now is the time to make use of those perennials by dividing them and replanting them in other flower beds. Or, share your extra perennials with friends!
Clean gutters and downspouts. Check for proper drainage; remove leaves and debris.
Check your roof. Inspect shingles, flashing around pipes, chimneys and such to prevent leaks from winter’s ice and snow.
Trim the trees. Remove dead branches or overgrown limbs from trees to prevent problems.
Inspect your wood-burning fireplace. Prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Wrap water pipes. Wrap exterior wall pipes with heating tape to save energy and prevent freezing.
Maintain your furnace. Have a local heating contractor service your furnace; clean or replace your filters regularly.
Aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn will allow moisture and nutrients to get into the roots. After you’ve done so, spread fertilizer then grass seed to fill in areas that need repair.
Drain the water heater. Hard water sediments can build up in your water heater tank. Fall is a good time to drain it to prevent rust from forming.
Winterize your irrigation system. Drain and properly prepare the system for winter.
Tune up the snow blower. Be prepared early; have the snow blower serviced if needed.
Check the batteries. Review your fire and carbon monoxide detectors to be sure the batteries are fresh and the alarms are in working order.
Clean outdoor furniture. After the last plunge in the pool (or in efforts to minimize the outdoor furniture even while you keep the pool heated), clean and dry the cushions in a dry area to prevent fading, cracking and damage over the off season.

These home maintenance tips will help your home be ready for the changing seasons. Always consider hiring a pro for projects that you feel are out of your scope of expertise. We have many local companies who specialize in chimney sweep, roof repair, plumbing and repairs.

Energy Saving Tips.

Saving energy is a way we can all look to make an impact on the planet, as well as our monthly pocket books.

Green planet in your heart hands - usa - environment conceptWhat are the ways you and your family can make an impact on saving energy?

Here are a few tips:

Turn Off the TV. Okay, well, when you’re not watching it. For every hour that you leave your TV on while no one is watching, it wastes energy. So, turn it off! And, teach the kids to do the same.

Install a Programmable Thermostat. If you don’t already have one, get one. Installing a programmable thermostat can save up to 10% on heating and cooling costs by efficiently keeping your home heated and cooled at temps which correlate with with you’re home and away.

Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances. Look for the ENERGY STAR label. These refrigerators use at least 20% less energy than other models.

Be Mindful of Sunlight. Keep the summer sunshine at bay when you’re at work all day by closing the blinds. During the winter, open them to allow the warm rays of sunshine to enter your home.

Change the Bulbs. Energy-efficient halogens, CFLs and LEDs offer incredible savings.

Replace Your Filter. Dirty furnace or A/C filters slow down air flow and make your heating and cooling system work harder to keep your home comfortable.

Seal Window Leaks. As we prepare for fall and winter, check your windows. Caulk any places where you have air loss. Proper insulation can save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills…and will keep you comfortable in your home.

Turn Off the Lights. It seems so simple. And it is. When you’re not in a room or not at home, turn off the lights. Doing this day after day will make your energy use less.

These simple solutions can make big differences not only in your home’s energy use, but in helping our planet!