Recycle Day Saturday at Billericay!

Are you cleaning out your garage, storage areas and closets? If not, now is a great time to do so!

Join the City of Fishers and community partners this Saturday, October 31st in the Fall Recycling Day. The event takes place at Billericay Park (northeast corner of 126th Street and Promise Road) from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s a free event for you to get rid of things you’re ready to part with such as old paint, electronic devices, appliances, hazardous wastes such as flammable liquids, batteries, paint, old bills to shred and more.

images-1Here’s a list of the types of items that can be accepted:

Technology Recyclers 
Accepting appliances such as: cell phones, computers, printers, batteries, old electronic equipment, lawn mowers, power tools, workout equipment and basically anything that can be plugged into the wall to operate.

NuGenesis, Inc.
Accepting hazardous waste items such as: paint (all types), flammable liquids, household batteries, gas grill-sized propane tanks, fire extinguishers, motor oil, liquid acids and bases, medical sharps and more. Note: up to 100 pounds or its liquid equivalent is free, however, a charge of one dollar per additional pound or its equivalent will be applied thereafter.

Shares, Inc.
On site to accept paper-related items that you would like to be shredded such as: newspapers, confidential paperwork, bills, office files, mail, printer and corrugated papers and more.

All who attend to drop off items will receive a free pack of bulbs to plant! Keep our city beautiful…take pride in your home and community.


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