Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving. Go.

Are you hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving? It’s a lot to balance the meal prep, table presentation, seating and overall flow of events on this fun holiday centered around food, family and fellowship!


So with that in mind, here are some tips to making your Thanksgiving great!

1. Delegate. If Aunt Susie offers to bring the green bean casserole, let her. Part of the beauty of having a house full of family and friends is sampling the “go-to” recipes they make. Let people help you with bringing food.

2. Stage Early. Plan ahead for all of the non-food prep, such as table decorations, table placement, china, serving plates and silver and table wear. Get things washed, polished and placed as best you can a day or two before Thanksgiving to alleviate that from your list of “to dos.”

3. Skip the appetizers. Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is about the main course. Keep the apps to a minimum. Have chilled wine or beverages ready for your guests and maybe a few apps, but don’t overdo it.

4. Go with tried-and-true recipes. Did you find a recipe on Pinterest you just HAVE to make? Well, give it a test run this week to be sure it’s table-worthy so you’re not spending Thanksgiving day fretting over a new recipe.

5. Make a list. Write down the dishes you’re going to serve (and make the shopping list), the people who will be attending (gives you a better head count) as well as the flow of the events of the day so you’re prepared.

6. Relax. Thanksgiving is really a day to enjoy time with your favorite people. Be sure to be present that day. Take a deep breath and sit down with your family to eat when they do. The dishes can wait.

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!



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