Black Friday Tips.

Well, one of the most famous shopping days of the year is just a few days away.

If you’re one of the many people who will be standing in lines, zooming around town and shopping for those incredible door-buster deals, here are some tips to make your day go as smoothly as possible.


Make your list. Narrow down a list with “must haves” so that you can be sure to get those knocked off your list first. Do your research ahead of time to shop the stores for particular items you’re looking to buy to see where the best deal will be. Even plan ahead for in which order you’ll visit stores.

Research name brands. If you’re looking to make a big purchase, such as a major appliance, television or entertainment system, be sure to know which brand(s) you truly want to own. Sometimes the Black Friday “too good to be true” deals may be just that once you get those purchases home. It may be wiser to buy the brand you really desire, even if its sale price is higher than others. And, watch for old models. Black Friday is a great way for retailers to rid of outdated merchandise.

Shop ahead. Many retailers are posting Black Friday sales this week. Take advantage of the extended promotion and avoid the hustle of Black Friday for those items.

Be an online shopper. With the ease of direct-to-your-door from the computer, be a savvy shopper to buy items that are free to ship or that you are comfortable buying online. Many online retailers are offering free or discounted shipping to lure in shoppers. Take advantage of it!

Make a budget. If you plan to venture out on Friday to hop from store to store, plan your budget ahead so that you don’t end up making impulse buys that leave your budget busted.

Plug into promos. Retailers give email, social media and credit card holders of their companies special incentives and discounts. Be sure to check yours before you make purchases. Take advantage of those offers.

Have fun and be safe! Happy shopping!




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