Cyber Monday is Here.

Well, in a season of Black Friday (which really seemed to be Black Friday week), online retailers are hoping you’ll plug into Cyber Monday as you return from the turkey coma you’ve been in all weekend.


If you’re planning to shop online today, here are some Cyber Monday tips.

Stay secure. Be sure to make your credit card purchases on a secure site. Shop with retailer who use an SSL (secure sockets layer) security. The easiest way to know if you’re on an SSL site is that you’ll see the URL begins with “https:” and not “http:.” That one little letter of “s” indicates the site is secure.

Know your retailer. So often, SPAM emails will penetrate your inbox. Cyber Monday is the hacker’s paradise. Be sure to know the retailers with whom you’re clicking links. Better yet, don’t click the link within an email you’re not quite sure about trusting.

Watch for too good to be true offers. As with the previous of clicking only retailer links you know and trust, watch out for the deep discounts which are bogus in attempt to lead you to an unreliable site. Shop wisely.

Prepare a shopping list. Websites such as, and help you make your list of must-haves. With a list handy, you’ll avoid impulse purchases that Cyber Monday deals may entice you to take part of.

Have fun shopping!





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