Holiday Party Tips

It’s that time of year…with holiday parties and hostess-is-the-mostest moments.


Here are some easy tips to making your holiday party fun:

Make a plan with a list. Make a list of what you want to serve and create your shopping list. Be sure to remember any serving supplies (napkins, disposable plates, etc.) you may need too.

Cook ahead of time. Start your food prep a day or two early. Many desserts and apps can stay refrigerated for a day or two in advance of your party.

Set the mood with music. To keep the setting of your party relaxed, choose a playlist or Pandora station that has a mix of traditional Christmas songs, classic jazz and blues.

Play with lighting. Get the fireplace roaring, dim the overhead lights a bit, utilize lamps and candles to set the tone and enjoy the twinkle of white Christmas tree lights.

Prepare plenty of finger foods. Who doesn’t love hors d’oeurves and appetizers? Offering a large variety of these cute finger-friendly, small plate treats will allow your guests to nibble while enjoying conversation.

Stock the cocktails. Stock the bar with go-to alcoholic basics; have some wine and beer on hand. And, have some fun non-alcoholic options for the designated drivers.

Stay in the moment. As the host(ess), it’s hard to step away from the kitchen, tidying up and preparing foods. But with planning and delegating help with others in your family, be sure to spend plenty of time WITH your guests in the moment celebrating the magic of the season.

Merry Christmas!


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