Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

During this busy season of gift-buying, gift-wrapping, toy-shopping, meal-preparing, take time to give back to others.

If you need a little inspiration on easy ways to give back, here you go.


Pay it forward. In the Starbucks drive-thru line? Buy the java for the person behind you in line. Make their day.

Adopt a family. Many local organizations offer programs to shop for families in need. Remember to buy staples like socks and underwear in addition to those fun toy and non-essential items on the lists.

Volunteer. From local food pantries, shelters and churches, give back your time to help prepare, package and/or deliver meals to those in need.

Remember the troops and military. Organizations like Operation Gratitude send care packages to active and Veteran military personnel, including new recruits, veterans, Wounded Warriors, caregivers and first responders.

Help a friend or family member. Prepare a meal for a busy or ill family member, shovel a driveway (assuming we get snow this winter!), clean a house, remove clutter from a closet or help someone get to/from a medical appointment…just help.

Be charitable. Make a monetary contribution to a non-profit organization you are led to help. From a food pantry, women’s shelter, organization or shelter…help feed hungry mouths or clothe those in need with a financial contribution.

Give your time. Be it donating your time with a local organization that you support and enjoy or you sit down (electronic-device free) with your family for an old school family game night, just unplug and be present with your time with those you love.


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