Winter Home Staging Tips.

Are you selling your home this winter? When doing so, you benefit from typically less homes on the market and those shopping for homes are more serious buyers who are prepared to make a purchasing decision.


Create an offer-ready home with these tips:

Make a great first impression. In our climate, the flowers and plants go dormant during winter, so it is important to keep your home easy for potential buyers to access. Most importantly, in the event we get snow this season, be sure to keep snow and ice cleared on your driveway and sidewalks approaching the front door. Make a statement with your front door with a great paint color, beautiful wreath and welcoming doormat. Be sure to put away holiday decorations now that the season has passed.

Welcome buyers “home.” When staging the inside of your home for buyers, think of it as greeting them to your home as guests at a party. Keep the home warm with the thermostat set to a warm temperature for potential buyers to feel comfortable. Have a coat rack or a few hooks for them to place their coats so they can look through your home comfortably without their coats. Consider setting the formal dining room table with place settings and glasses, a nice centerpiece and flatware. Add color with fresh flowers in the kitchen.

Find a pleasant aroma. Essentially, be sure your home smells nice. You may not have time for a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, but popular candle scents are cinnamon, apple pie or cider and vanilla. Keep it simple, though…and limited to one room. Too many fragrances will make the buyer feel as though you are masking an unpleasant odor from pets, smoke or musty areas. Have the carpets cleaned and replace any curtains, carpets or rugs that need it.

Cozy up your home. Toss warm throws across the sofas and master bed, hang a plush robe in your bathroom and put together a grouping of soaps and washcloths like a hotel or spa. Turn on soft jazz or classical music. Light a gas fireplace or candles if you the timing of the showing permits.

Keep it bright. Since daylight hours are minimal during the winter season, take advantage of natural light hours for showings when possible. In addition, wash your windows and leave curtains and blinds open to allow as much daylight as possible to illuminate your home. Turn on all the lights when expecting a showing and use high-wattage bulbs to help with the gray winter days.

Protect your home. To keep your carpets and rugs clean during wet and snowy seasons, you may ask potential buyers to remove their shoes or use “booties” to cover their shoes. Buyers will view that positively…that you respect your home and want to keep it clean.

If you’re ready to list your home, contact me to get started! I look forward to working with you to make your home selling (and buying) process go smoothly!


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