Home Sales Increasing.

At the end of 2015, home sales ended with an eight percent increase over 2014 in Central Indiana.


Sellers had a strong year as prices increased each month while available homes decreased as compared to 2014. Inventory moved quickly…with homes selling in 73 days, four fewer days than in 2014. The average year-to-date sales price for homes increased 3.9 percent to $278,163.

December showed fewer options of homes available; 401 homes were listed, which was 68 fewer homes less than December of 2014.

December Fishers/Geist pending home price ranges were:

-$500,000-$999,999: 8 homes
-$300,000-$499,999: 19 homes
-$200,000-$299,999: 23 homes
-$100,000-$199,999: 40 homes
-$99,999 or less: 5 homes

Last year was marked by better trends than the national home sales trends. The forecast for 2016 is expected to mirror 2015.




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