How to Write an Offer.

One of the key aspects of buying a home is writing a competitive offer. It allows you to get your offer accepted. The first time.


As your Realtor, I will help you put together an offer that will set you apart from others. It’s not about being the “highest bidder,” but rather the bidder who offers a competitive price and places the fewest restrictions on that offer. Think of it this way, the seller prefers to work with less demanding bidders over those who may offer the highest price but have strings attached with the contract. So, when we write your offer, we will do so with the seller in mind…for what they will be most likely to respond to with a “yes.”

So, how will we do this?

Pull comps. First and foremost, rely upon me, your Realtor, for research. We will determine for what price point other similar homes in the area are selling by pulling comps of homes in the market similar to the one you want to buy. We will look at the original list price and for what dollar amount they’ve sold. With that knowledge, your offer will be a solid, substantiated bid.

Be an educated buyer. From the get-go, know your mortgage pre-qualification. Having the budget before you write an offer will eliminate the guesswork. Save yourself and the seller the disappointment of a sale that doesn’t close. Use the number you know you can comfortably afford and be sure you don’t raise your offer beyond that.

Rely upon my expertise. What if you’re not the only bidder? As your Realtor, I will know if there are other offers on the table for the home. When offering a bid with multiple bidders, the sale price of the home will usually be greater than its asking price. Writing a competitive offer is critical in this instance and having my expertise when writing that bid will give you a greater chance of getting that offer accepted.

Appeal to the seller’s emotions. Sure, buying a home is a financial transaction, but it is also an emotional one. The seller is attached to the home, has memories there, has worked to make it what it is today. Likewise, you have an emotional attachment to it…that feeling of “this is the one” when you walk through the front door. In a competitive market, a creative way to add to your offer is to write a personal letter to the seller explaining why you love the home so much, how you see your family living there and give your emotional plea. What you say may just be the push that seller needs to choose your offer.

So, let’s work together to write a competitive and get your home buying process off to the right start. Contact me to talk about your home buying needs.


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