Springtime Tips for Your Home.

Now that Spring is here, it’s time to get outside and clean up remnants of our mild winter.


Here are some suggestions for checking off a great Springtime cleaning routine around your home:

Gutter cleanup. You  may feel like you just cleaned those gutters after Autumn dropped leaves, but it’s time to do it again. Be sure to check your downspout for clogs. Run a hose at the top of the gutter through the downspout to be sure the Spring showers have room to run freely.

Trim trees. Take advantage of trimming trees before they are completely filled with new leaves. Trim trees that are too close to your home. It is recommended to keep branches five to seven feet away from your home to eliminate moisture issues and to prevent squirrels and such to make their way easily into your attic to nest.

Rake debris. Fallen branches, leaves, dead plant material and such adds up during the winter season. Rake the debris from your yard, allowing maximum lawn health for the new grass that’s growing.

Repair paint. Touch up any areas in your home’s exterior with paint loss. Exposed wood can rot, leading to problems.

Check walls. No matter the type of exterior finish you have, take a look under eaves and near gutter downspouts for water stains. If you find any, those are indicators that your gutters are not handling the roof runoff. Also check for any problems with your home’s exterior.

Seal windows. Air loss through all of the seasons can happen with leakage around windows with an improper seal. Check to be sure the caulking and weather stripping you have in place is intact, with a tight seal. Replace any areas that seem to be inefficient.

Wash windows. After you’ve inspected the windows for air loss, give them a good shine to rinse off the debris from winter. (And, while you’re at it, get the inside of the windows clean too).

Fertilize lawn. Most of us have lawn care experts maintaining our property, but now is the time to drop the first round of fertilizer to give your lawn a boost of green. Be sure to get that routine in place for a healthy green lawn.

Happy Spring!


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