Warm Weather Home Maintenance Tips.

Now that the weather is warm, it’s time to check off some “to dos” outside your home.


Here are a few tips on where to start with warm weather home maintenance.

Check the A/C. If you haven’t recently had your air conditioning system inspected, now is the time to schedule a professional to do so. Be sure your system is running optimally to eliminate the chance of it failing, or incurring high electric bills because it is not efficiently working. And, be sure to change your filter regularly.

Inspect your windows. If you didn’t have time to caulk any air leaks or add weather stripping before winter, do so now. Tightening the seals on doors and windows prevents air loss, which will keep your home cooler and more efficient this summer.

Wash the windows and exterior. Take off winter’s grime and dirt by cleaning your exterior finishes such as windows, siding, brick and boards. A good cleaning with a garden hose can go a long way! Power wash decks or concrete patio areas by the pool to refresh your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Spruce up flower and plant beds. It’s a great time to apply a fresh coating of mulch or stone to give instant curb appeal. Trim shrubs and other plants; remove and replace any dead plants that didn’t survive winter. Prune your trees and perennials and plant annuals for pops of color around your yard. Use planters and urns to add colorful accents at the front door, around the pool and in your outdoor entertaining spaces. Shop local farmers markets for great deals on plants. Water your lawn and flower beds in the morning so the water can be soaked into the soil throughout the day. Set your sprinkler system accordingly.

Get the garage in order. Find the watering hose and get it hooked up again and clean out the winter debris that is hogging up space (shovels, sleds and snow blowers). Organize your garage with the things you need for boating season, summer sports and the pool. Invest in good storage solutions and get your summer gear within hands’ reach for ease of use.

Check your driveway and walkways. The freezing and thawing from winter can wreak havoc on concrete. Check for cracks and holes and make needed repairs. Small repairs are easier than a large resurface which could come from lack of upkeep.

Have fun! School is out, summer is on the horizon and the boating season has begun.





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