Fall Home Staging Tips.

If you’re planning to put your home on the market this Fall, you’ll want to spend time paying attention to a few key areas when staging your home.


Here are some tips to staging your home this Fall:

Add curb appeal. As your summer perennials and annuals fade away, give a boost to your curb appeal by replacing flowers at the front entry spaces with mums or other colorful fall plant material.

Spice up the front door. Add a Fall wreath to the front door. Change the paint color with a pop of color to contrast your brick, stone or entry area. Boost the “wow” factor at the threshold.

Maintain the yard. Even as the frequency of lawn mowing decreases, be sure to keep the lawn maintained and freshly cut and raked. Keep sidewalks and walking paths clean of fallen leaves.

Warm up your home. While our weather now is still warm, as the temps start to decrease, be sure your home is warm during showings. And, stage your home with cozy accents. Have a small stack of wood by your fireplaces, add a cozy or colorful throw to the sofas and have candles throughout the home (but keep them unlit so that potential buyers don’t think your masking an odor).

Let natural light shine. As the sun begins sets earlier in the day, make sure you take advantage of natural light by leaving window curtains open and lights on during late afternoon and evening showings.

Make spa-like bathrooms. Add touches of nicely rolled plush white towels, a decorative tray with small toiletries for guests, a new shower curtain or open shelving with baskets for pampering treats. Potential home buyers will feel the “retreat” in those spaces…envisioning themselves there after a long day at work.

With these simple tips, your home will show well this Fall. If you or someone you know is in the market to list a home, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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