New Year. New Home?

If you’re looking toward 2017 with the interest in selling your home, contact a Realtor, like me, to help navigate you through the steps. Last year’s housing market was robust; homes listed and sold at record pace. We expect 2017 to carry on in that fashion.

home for sale

Here is a summary of steps in selling your home:

Do a credit check-up. By reviewing your credit, we will uncover any credit snags, bills that need reduced, or settle up any errors on your credit report. Depending on the status of your credit health, it may take a while to rebuild it, so be in tune with your credit score and understand the impact it has on your ability to buy a home.

Create a budget. Review your monthly income and expenses. Determine your target mortgage payment range. Factor in how much you’ll potentially net on the sale of your current home and any factors which will change your monthly budget (i.e. job promotion or new job). Set yourself a comfortable reserve margin. You’ll need cash to close on your next home, pay property taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA fees, moving expenses and more.

Trust the pros. Partner with me to review your home, establish a pricing strategy and help implement your new home goals. Work with a mortgage broker who can help explain financial scenarios based upon purchase price, down payments, monthly mortgage and taxes. (I have some stellar connections in the industry to help). Also, seek input from a tax advisor who can review your income tax outcomes from the move and a financial planner who give you an expert opinion on your financial health and help you plan for the future.

Inspect your home.  A potential home buyer will have a home inspection done on your home. Consider doing one before you list to uncover and repair any surprises. This may likely expedite the sale of your home.

Prepare a financial plan. On average, sellers pay five to six percent of the purchase price in commission fees. Allow yourself a budget for repairs in your home, as well as other expenses to come at closing such as property transfer taxes and buyer’s home warranty.

Be a smart seller. As your Realtor, I will help you do these things prior to listing to make your home marketable and move from listed to sold. Contact me today to help you get started in listing your home.

Happy new year!


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